Engine Repair in Wichita, KS

Your Engine is Knocking! Time for a Check-up!

Engine Trouble? We Can Help

Everybody knows ‌the engine is the heart of every vehicle. So, when it stops running properly, your car may exhibit some problematic and potentially dangerous behavior. Whether it’s something small, like your check engine light, or something larger, like unusual colors of smoke coming from your exhaust, constant overheating, or telltale knocking noises, it’s time for your engine to receive honest and dependable professional attention from Affinity Automotive Services located at 2606 W Pawnee St, Witchita, KS 67213.

Engine Repair Services

You can ensure a longer life for your car or truck with a solid commitment to routine maintenance. From minor services, like tune-ups, oil changes, and belt changes, to larger ones like cylinder head and cooling system repairs, it’s important to get your engine serviced as soon as the symptoms are noticeable. A routine maintenance schedule with a reputable company like Affinity Automotive Services, one of the few Blue Seal Recognized shops in Kansas, will ensure that a trained, ASE-certified engine repair mechanic assesses the entire system and any connected systems so you don’t experience an emergency in your future.

At Affinity Automotive Services, we offer many services from engine performance checks, belt and hose replacement, and radiator repairs to fuel injection service and repairs, ignition system repairs, and fuel system maintenance.

Engine Replacement Services

However, sometimes putting off the maintenance happens. But, the damage to your vehicle may be irreversible and irreparable. When this happens, your vehicle will require an engine replacement. Depending on your budget and the year, make, and model of your vehicle, there may be less expensive options for replacing your engine instead of financing a new car. Our expert technicians will provide an honest and transparent estimate for parts and labor costs of all available options and their recommended best way forward. The idea of any engine repair, much less replacement, can seem daunting. We’re happy to answer your questions as you decide on the best option for you and your family’s needs. We even have financing options to help ease the burden on your wallet and loaner cars for your use while we have your vehicle in our shop. So if you’re experiencing engine issues, please contact the customer support professionals at Affinity Automotive Services for an engine repair or replacement service appointment today.