Auto AC Repair in Wichita, KS

Let Affinity Automotive Services Help You Beat the Heat

The Best AC Repair in Wichita

Is your vehicle’s cooling system on the fritz? Do you spend more time sweating inside your car than outside? Is there a weird smell when you turn the AC system on? Do you suspect a leak? Then it’s time for a call to Affinity Automotive Services, your one-stop shop for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service and repair. Our technicians will comprehensively inspect your AC cooling system to diagnose the problem. Knowledgeable and ASE-certified, they have the skills and experience to take your vehicle from a mobile, whining sauna to the cool and comfortable environment you remember and deserve.

Time for a Cool Down

Lack of cold air or weak airflow can result from several different culprits, including minor issues, like mold or mildew accumulation, a loose hose, broken seals, a dirty cabin air filter, or a freon leak. If they determine those aren’t the issue, our technicians will check the rest of the system for bigger issues, like an AC compressor failure. A common issue, it generally requires a replacement of the compressor and the compressor clutch. We’ll check the rest of the system from the blower motor or its resistor, the condenser or evaporator, and all the small components, including the AC expansion valve. The expansion valve controls the refrigerant flow, which can cause the entire system to overheat or freeze if it fails. With over 45 years of combined knowledge, our technicians will figure out what’s wrong and explain it in an honest and transparent estimate, so you know exactly what’s going on and how much it will cost. Affinity Automotive Services, located at 2606 W Pawnee St, Witchita, KS 67213, understands the importance of a working AC system. We even have financing options to help you afford the necessary repairs.

Need Freon?

Protect yourself from contaminated freon with certified technicians, like Affinity Automotive Services, who have the right experience and equipment to service your AC system. We are equipped with the 1234YF Freon recharge station, and our automotive HVAC system team can service all the newer vehicles that use 1234YF. This also means we can schedule recovery and recharge for any vehicle, including the older R134a freon. Contact us today at (316) 425-8684 to schedule an appointment.