What Does Your Car Need From You Right Now?

I am sure a lot of you have been following the stay at home orders from COVID-19, either working from home, furrowed, laid off, or you are an essential person needed daily out in the field. It is important that we keep transportation safe and reliable, and protect your investment so it is at the ready for any situation.

I wanted to share what can happen from your vehicle sitting for as little as a week without moving.

1. Depending on the quality, age and tread depth of your tires you could get flat spots from sitting in one spot too long. This could cause a vibration that with the same factors could not be reverted back to original shape.

2. Condensation could build up in all your fluids and break down the quality and lubrication of the fluid. This is very tough on some of the rubber components such as seals, gaskets, and diaphragms in your engine and brake system. It is important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer on time if you haven’t’ reached the miles on your oil services and brake service.

3. Rusty rotors, if you get in your vehicle and all of the sudden your brakes are squealing and squeaking it could be that rust has built up and grown on the rotors and pads. If the squeak doesn’t go away after driving it for a few days, get it checked out. The pads could be lower than anticipated and cause damage to the rotors.

If you have needed repairs on the vehicle but are holding out, I wanted to share that the industry is anticipating a parts shortage and the part suppliers are increasing their prices with all the demand due to the shut downs of production. So to save money it may be best to get it taken care of now. We do offer financing that gives everyone 0% interest for 3 or more months depending on credit score.

We are here for you during this time, so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us any time. We are here to help you in making the best decision on any repairs and services by educating you more. You can contact us by text or simply call 316-425-8684 .

Written by Affinity Automotive Services