What is the Difference in Working at a Dealership Versus an Independent Shop As an Automotive Technician?

Dealerships hire in abundance, more levels of technician, they work on the same makes and models of vehicles. Training is only Make specific for that make only. Tools and equipment for that make only. Quantity is important, Technicians make more the more cars they move through. They do work on other makes and models, but typically sub- contract the work out to independent shops due to not having the right equipment or tools. Dealerships work for the Manufacture specifically. They handle recalls, and warranties at a lower pay to the technician, the goal is to keep the consumer in that make of vehicle purchasing new every 6-10 years. You are a number not a member. Most don’t offer health benefits. Your daily routine is the same.

Independent shops hire for specific characteristics and shop environment needs and must have a knowledge base for multiple makes and models of vehicle. Just like the human anatomy vs ape anatomy things function the same but the central nervous system doesn’t communicate on the same level. So additional training, tools and equipment is required to perform the repairs and services properly. Quality is more important than quantity. Every customer is important, so extra care is given to help prolong the life of the vehicle. Expectation to keep a vehicle safe and reliable for 10-20 years- giving a better return on investment. Hourly Pay is higher due to the demand, some offer health benefits and more to offer a more competitive incentive package. Everyday is a new adventure, new growth and development.

Written by Affinity Automotive Services